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"Andrew Robertson was born and raised in Liverpool and has over nine years experience in creative media production. 

In 2011 Andrew noticed a gap in the market and created his own platform Music and Juice aimed at local artists who would otherwise struggle to get their content noticed. After 18 months Andrew collaborated with MTV where he worked with various artists such as James Arthur and the cast of Geordie Shore. Following this Andrew took control over the social media accounts of the Geordie Shore cast members as well as all their content creation. 

In late 2017 Andrew was approached by the now leading Hot Water Comedy Club. Due to Andrew consistently posting content on behalf of Hot Water Comedy Club this significantly drove up the traffic to their social media accounts boosting their brand awareness and overall online presence.


Dental Excellence launched as a new practice around June 2018 with Andrew on board from the beginning. The continuous content produced by Andrew significantly increased Dental Excellence's exposure thus widening their potential client base. 

Andrew has also worked in other areas of the dental industry such as with Simon Chard, Monik Vasant and K Line as well as filming the Avent Garde technique as taught by Dr Robbie Hughes.

In comparison to other videographers and photographers Andrew has much more extensive experience in the social media field making him the perfect candidate to produce top quality content directly aimed at your specific client group. "

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